Discovery III owner


Good day!
I never would have thought before that the British buy a car. No, of course, deep down, what really soul twist, I’ve always liked them, on the road to look at the nicked by the British, and when friends pokupali- jealous, but what to buy yourself … too many of them negative stereotypes flew in masses . My preference is always lying in the planes of the Japanese and German autostructure, but let not this peace, but a practical 100%. Continue Reading »



The Range Rover has stood as the quintessential luxury SUV ever since Land Rover pulled the covers off of the model in 1970. Back then, it was deemed as a luxurious alternative to Land Rover. That sentiment has stood the test of time, and a discussion on luxury SUVs today will always include the Range Rover.

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Land Rover born


The Land Rover was born out of desperation from a war-torn country where the message to industry in general, and carmakers in particular, was ‘export or die’… and a Rover big wig wanting to do some gardening! The MD of Rover was Spencer Wilks and whilst pondering the fi rst problem, his brother, Maurice had one of his own.

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Land Rover 4WD


Following the aftermath of World War II in 1947, the Land Rover was created by the Rover Company that (prior to the war) had produced luxury vehicles. Immediately following the war, luxury vehicles were no longer in demand, and raw materials were strictly rationed to companies building industrial equipment or construction materials, or products widely exported to earn essential foreign exchange for the country. Continue Reading »


Land Rover Discovery Sport is the first representative of an entirely new generation of SUV range Rover. Compact body with adjusted proportions makes the image of the land Rover discovery Sport 2016 incredibly attractive, harmonious and purposeful. Expressive silhouette and elegant lines of the body a brand new Land Rover Discovery Sport evoke new emotions and desires. Continue Reading »


Door seal at the new Disco Sport. Wonder side wind with a speed of 100 km/h looking in the back of the cracks to score a cabin with snow: it is quiet, dry and comfortable. But we in Iceland and the weather is not at all as pictured. The heavens were angry, a hurricane blows off the road with an adult. Blizzard puts the wipers, and they were beating on the glass frozen ice. Temperatures and zero visibility. Continue Reading »


The appearance of the Land Rover Discovery Sport is one of the main events of the year in the automotive world. This debut long-awaited and admirers of the brand Land Rover, eager to replace the outdated Freelander, journalists, and competitors, and, of course, dealers of Land Rover, are rubbing their hands in anticipation of profit. But if the success of sales of a novelty while to speak too early, with its main objective the discovery Sport coped perfectly well – “Freelander” could easily “retire“.

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