The Land Rover Discovery Sport  pulled along the rails train weighing over a hundred tons. The route was almost ten kilometers.

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Range Rover P38

A long awaited all-new Range Rover design was introduced to the world in late 1994. The designers had a tough challenge with the Classic Range Rover being a most difficult act to follow. Since the Range Rover had moved well up-market from its original marketing concept, there was an effort to position the new vehicle as more attractive to the prospective Jaguar, BMW or Mercedes buyer in terms of pavement performance, while retaining class-leading off-road abilities. Most reviews in the automotive press agree they succeeded to a considerable degree, combining conservative design with several innovative engineering achievements.

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I once owned a 1995 Range Rover. Looking back, I’m not entirely sure why this happened, but I suspect it may have something to do with a well-known car enthusiast theory about British cars: “they can’t all be that bad.”

Last week, Murilee’s junkyard find stirred up memories of my Range Rover, primarily because mine was about as reliable as the one Murilee found in the junkyard. It also spent just as much time moving under its own power.

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1979 Range Rover ‘Classic’ 4×4 Estate
Registration no. BOM 437V
Chassis no. 35659527G
Engine no. 34129727

*Early two-door ‘Classic’ model
*Only two owners and 5,635 miles from new
*Outstandingly original
*Recently re-commissioned after 34 years in storage

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Range Rover biography


This year marks the 21st anniversary of Land Rover’s introduction of the Autobiography designation – then and now the pinnacle of the Range Rover model line-up. Across two decades Autobiography has denoted the ultimate combination of Land Rover design and luxury, adapting with changing customer tastes and preferences to remain a benchmark in the premium SUV market.

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Own a discovery 2 for more than 2 years and therefore have something to say. the real SUV, a tank, a thoroughbred Englishman, simply done. The car behaves on the road, and in the impenetrable wilderness equally confident. It was not the place wherever we drove. Go, do not give up. Enthusiast in the road, a reliable friend. The engine was developed by BMW specifically for land Rover millionik actually like the automatic gearbox.

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Land Rover 101 FC

The 101 Forward Control or Land Rover 101FC was a vehicle produced by Land Rover for the British Army. It was never made available to the public. The vehicle was primarily produced to meet the Army’s requirement for a gun tractor, and was designed to tow a field gun (the L118 Light Gun) with a ton of ammunition and other equipment in the rear load space, giving it the alternative name of the Land Rover One Tonne. The vehicle was designed to be easily transported by air; the positioning of the 3.5 litre Rover V8 engine beneath and to the rear of the cab eliminates the bonnet at the front, making the vehicle more or less cuboid thus reducing unused space in transport aircraft. Of concern was the payload was rather limited and stability concerns, particularly when crossing an incline.

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